House Carefree-Residence by Chao-Lin Huang

Chao-Lin Huang Reveals The House Carefree Residence

Chao-Lin Huang, the creator of the highlighted project House Carefree - Residence by Chao-Lin Huang spells out, Thinking differently from the stereotype of interior space design, the designer brings life literally into the building, which spawns the <Cropped>

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All Types of Interior Designing . Vehicle and Architectureinterior and Exterior of Architectural and Automotive

All types of interior designing . vehicle and architectureInterior and exterior of architectural and automotive.

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Herbal Brewer:lify by Lee Kong Wai Connie and Mazing Lee

Lee Kong Wai Connie and Mazing Lee Spotlights The Lify Herbal Brewer

Lee Kong Wai Connie and Mazing Lee, the architect of the displayed work Lify - Herbal Brewer by Lee Kong Wai Connie and Mazing Lee demonstrates, Lify is a connected single serve wellness drinking device that delivers personalised herbal drinks at you <Cropped>

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Convertible Biodegradable Clothing:omdanne by Cristina Dan

Cristina Dan Shares The Omdanne Convertible Biodegradable Clothing

Cristina Dan, the project leader of the awarded design Award Winning Omdanne Convertible Biodegradable Clothing spells out, SOLVE design studio presents its capsule collection Omdanne which includes three pieces of clothing that can transform into ov <Cropped>

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Office by Chin-Chun Wu

Chin-Chun Wu Designs The The Interaction of Space Variations Office

Chin-Chun Wu, the author of the displayed project Office by Chin-Chun Wu explicates, The Office 954 project is an interior design case remodeling from a traditional general building. The frequent communications between client and designing team make <Cropped>

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Residence by Behzad Kharas

Behzad Kharas Reveals The Apartment by The Sea Residence

Behzad Kharas, the designer of the highlighted work Behzad Kharas's Apartment by the Sea Residence explains, This is a sea facing apartment inspired by Santorini in Greece. The client wanted the house to be designed using white and blue as the p <Cropped>

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Measure by Hidebumi Yamaguchi

Hidebumi Yamaguchi Demonstrates The Milli Second Measure

Hidebumi Yamaguchi, the thinktank behind the awarded work measure by Hidebumi Yamaguchi points out, The casing of the millisecond metal tape measure and fiber measure is manufactured by milling aluminum ingots with the utmost precision. The two-sided <Cropped>

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Nfc Reader by Diablo Design

Diablo Design Demonstrates The Stone Nfc Reader

Diablo Design, the creator of the awarded design NFC Reader:Stone by Diablo Design illustrates, Chiapas is one of the most deprived states in Mexico, the lack of good products and services is something of the everyday for local people. The project s <Cropped>

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Rocking Chair:wire by Acclaimed Designer

Acclaimed Designer Demonstrates The Wire Rocking Chair

The creative mind behind the award winning project Rocking Chair by Acclaimed Designer spells out, Using the CNC rolling technique, WIRE is formed by two pieces of aluminum tubes. Even though it’s a functional chair, it looks like wires hanging in <Cropped>

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Indigo Design Award

Indigo Design Award 2020 Is Open For Submissions. Indigo Design Award Is Open to Conceptual and Completed Designs That Are Five Years Old or Less. We Are Looking For Exceptional Work From Anywhere Around The Globe. Whether You Are a Student, Professional

Indigo design award 2020 is open for submissions. indigo design award is open to conceptual and completed designs that are five years old or less. we are looking for exceptional work from anywhere around the globe. whether you are a student, professi <Cropped>

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